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Cisco this week held its annual Collaboration Summit in Boca Raton, Florida, where the networking giant unveiled a series of new products in collaboration and unified communications (UC) up.With line a clear focus on helping users - and partners - take advantage of trends like bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and the computerization of IT, Cisco launched from the new desk phones to new applications that can combine the best of the devices and business phones.


Here are 6 Cisco collaboration products you don’t want to miss.

Cisco Expressway

In one of several mobility advertisements focused this week, Cisco launched Cisco Expressway, a new generation door that allows users to take advantage of collaboration applications such as Cisco TelePresence Jabber or directly from their mobile devices, without registration in the device level , or a password.

"From the point of view of the user, the real turning point we’re talking about this announcement is the ability to join in the outside [the organization], without having to launch a VPN client add-on", said Chris Wiborg, director, marketing Collaboration Portfolio. "Today, the experience of someone who uses Jabber solution, for example, on your mobile phone you would have to turn something as AnyConnect connect. Made simple, eliminating the need for the VPN."


Instead, Wiborg said, security is handled at the application layer via Transport Layer Security, the same technology that’s widely used to secure e-commerce transactions.

Intelligent Proximity

With a new solution called Smart proximity, Cisco is blurring the boundaries between mobile users and business phones. Proximity smart can be used to transfer all the contact information and call logs from mobile devices of their phones in the office of the users, allowing them, according to Cisco, to make personal calls from their phones without having to dig up the contact information for the first time from their mobile devices.


The piece “proximity” comes into play in a couple of ways. First, users can opt to have updates made to the contact information on their mobile phones automatically transferred to their desk phones, once you are within a certain physical proximity to your desktop. For users who do not want their personal information permanently planted on a desk phone, you can choose to have only the two paired devices when they are physically close to your office phone.

The first Cisco desk phone to support Intelligent Proximity is the Android-based DX650. In the future, however, Cisco plans to add the ability of other endpoints, too.

Jabber Guest

Cisco Jabber expanded its-the presence and voice-video uploaded UC applications, with a new feature called Jabber invited.

On the basis of the safety features Expressway, Guest Jabber allows users to enable access to their business platforms to communicate with people outside your organization, such as a client or business partner. Jabber allows guest users to send a link to external stakeholders through its website, inviting participants to join a call two-way video.


Cisco Jabber said host was built largely with customer service representatives or contact center in mind. A customer service agent, for example, could use Jabber to deliver video chat with consumers directly on your website or your company, and then ask consumers to physically show or what the problem might be.

TelePresence MX300

Cisco also made several changes to his team for collaboration, including the launch of a second generation of TelePresence MX300 endpoint that says it is easier to install and use than its predecessor.

The new MX300 is a 55-inch HD display that supports four-way conference calls, without requiring a separate multipoint control unit (MCU), Cisco said. It also has a dual screen option, which allows users to connect an additional display or monitor.


According to Cisco, the MX300, available in December, is also distinguished by a “modern, sleek” design, and it can be up and running in as little as 15 minutes.

IP Phone 7800 Series

Cisco has expanded its portfolio of mid-market with the IP Phone 7800 Series, a lineup of three new phones Cisco says are ideal for customers who currently use analog or digital phones, but looking to take the leap to IP telephony.


The phones are equipped with high-resolution screen, a choice of 2, 4 or 16 line keys and programmable fixed keys dedicated for functions such as conference calling, messaging or telephone. The IP Phone 7800 Series also takes advantage of Cisco EnergyWise and Power over Ethernet (PoE) Class 1 endpoints, Cisco enables these mobile features to automatically turn off during hours and reduce energy costs by up to 60 percent .

Prime Collaboration

Finally, Cisco has updated its TelePresence Management Console Prime Collaboration to include new features for monitoring and management of not only video but voice applications, Cisco Jabber and Cisco collaboration virtually the entire lineup.


Manager and partner of Cisco Prime Collaboration IT can be used to do anything to implement a provisioning server from a phone on the desk of an end user. You can also take advantage of the platform to get a view of the glass panel in real time what is happening around BYOD and UC.

Cisco is updating its core Internet routers with the CRS-X, a system whose capacity is 10 times that of what CRS stands offered when it was introduced 10 years ago.

The CRS-X, which will be available this year, is a 400Gbps per slot system that can be expanded to nearly petabit the second in a distributed multi-chassis, Cisco says. Up to 72 CRS-X, or the previous generation CRS-3 and CRS-1 can be mixed or matched in configuration Multichassis, according to the company.

CRS Ten thousand were distributed to 750 clients and CRS routing system debuted in 2004, according to Cisco. Existing customers can migrate to the replacement service CRS CRS-X card capacity, according to the company.

Trend growth in global IP traffic requires the CRS-X, says Cisco. Only Cisco Visual Networking Index (VNI) Global IP traffic is expected to grow three times from 2012-2017, reaching an annual rate of 1.4 zettabytes operation in late 2017, compared to an annual run rate of 522.8 exabytes, to end of 2012

Cisco Preparing to Manufacture New CTR Routers

The CRS-X line cards employ Cisco’s new CPAK CMOS photonic technology, which is designed to reduce power consumption and the cost of sparing. Interfaces on these line cards can be configured for either single port 100GE, 2x40GE, or 10 x10GE or either short-, long-, or extended-reach optics by selecting a specific CPAK transceiver, Cisco says.

A single CRS-X chassis can support up to 64 100G Ethernet links, the company says.

This allows service providers to meet demand for 10G, 40G and 100G Ethernet applications without replacing hardware, Cisco says.
For IP and optical convergence, the CRS-X supports integrated optics or Cisco’s Network Virtualization (nV) optical satellite. The nV configuration allows operators to logically link physical CRS-X chassis with a shared control plane, and then extend system capabilities with remote virtual line cards out to the edge.

The remote virtual line cards are provisioned and managed as distributed line cards of the host CRS-X routers. This allows operators to provision the bandwidth they need with a single management and control plane, Cisco says.
Cisco did not disclose pricing for the CRS-X. It will go up against Juniper’s T4000 and PTX core routing systems and perhaps Alcatel-Lucent’s 7950 XRS.

Cisco Routers

The Cisco SMB Select Partner program of broadband certifies that the buyer has staff who have acquired the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully sell and implement Cisco products for small and medium-sized enterprises are defined as companies with fewer than 250 users .
The SMB Select Partner designation helps to show our customers that we understand and support network solutions for business customers from small and medium size.

Cisco Systems ® integrated services routers with wireless services provide a complete wireless solution and a secure infrastructure for corporate offices, branch offices, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), wireless LAN (WLAN) access points and Wi-Fi and small remote offices and teleworkers. The portfolio of Cisco Integrated Services supports Integrated WiFi connectivity service, Wi-Fi hotspot, Cisco Land Mobile Radio (LMR) over IP and wireless infrastructure services.
Cisco Router Product Description

Cisco Systems is redefining best-in-class routing for the secure delivery of concurrent data, voice, video, and wireless. The modular Cisco 1800, 2800 and 3800 series, as well as the fixed-configuration Cisco 800 and 1800 series integrated services routers offer a wider range of the wireless industry to enable productivity improvements for affiliates to wireless office, small and medium-sized enterprises, public WLAN and wireless access points, small remote offices and teleworkers-Fi environments.

Infinite Skills Inc. release “Cisco 200-101 (ICND2) Exam Tutorial”, a course of 7 hours of teaching all the requirements for Part 2 for Cisco CCNA Routing and Switching certification.

Cisco offers several levels of certification levels during CCENT entry-level to the top level of certification “architect”. After passing the exam CCENT entry-level, both the exam ICND1 and ICND2 exam must be passed to achieve the “social network” certification.

Cisco 200-101 (ICND2) Exam Training Video is available alone or bundled with Cisco 100-101 (ICND1) Exam Video Training at a discounted price for both courses. The ICND2 course covers intermediate to advanced topics involved in the management of the network, including protocols for the Grand Area Network (LAN) and wide are (WAN) network technologies, IP routing, working with Internet Protocol Version Six (IPv6), and other topics of network management.

Cisco 200-101 (ICND2) Exam Certification Video Training

Course author Greg Dickinson has worked in computer networks for over 15 years. His experience includes work with Novell, Microsoft and Cisco both voice and data networks. Dickinson has been certified by Cisco for six years, and has spent the last years of working with the Cisco voice and data network for a small business in Birmingham.

Clear teaching style Dickinson family and makes learning simple material of this complex and fast. Dickinson said to have an expert to explain complex issues creates a learning environment easier to use than a manual of learning, giving users a competitive advantage in their training.

Here, Dickinson covers all the material in ICND2 exam, starting explaining virtual LANs and how to keep them, and move on to cover many advanced topics in network management, including IP routing, subnet mask, work with IP addresses and connected routes and static.

More technical details covered include networking and authentication implementation EIGRP, OSPF, working with WAN links, VPNs, access control lists, and more, all the information that you pass the certification exam required for Cisco Network Administrator.

"I am excited to teach this course," says Dickinson. "We never really learn a product or a technology until you have to teach someone how to use it, in order to get a deeper understanding of the technologies I use in my daily work."

Free demo video and a complete list of the contents of the course are available on the training page tutorial Cisco 200-101 exam (ICND2) the InfiniteSkills website:

Infinite Skills offers its Cisco 200-101 Exam Video (ICND2) The training, both as a DVD or download from the website of the company at a price of $ 99.95. The package, including this course together with the Cisco 100-101 ICND1 Tutorial is available at a reduced price of $ 149.95. All InfiniteSkills titles and formats are compatible with Mac and Windows operating systems. Shipping is available worldwide. In addition, InfiniteSkills tutorials are compatible with the corresponding project files to the examples in the video, allowing users to work together with experienced instructors directly into your computer or iPad.

About Infinite Skills Inc.

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Cisco certification has become one of the best and hottest certification these days. As networks continue to make economic enlargement, collaboration & human communication, require for networking talent grows in importance.

The 1st pathway is the Cisco Certified Network Associate & the 2nd is the Cisco Certified Design Associate. It is necessary for any networking professional to acquire certified in this stage if they want to simply overcome other certification programs. Before you try to get the exams offered by Cisco, you require knowing its different levels of certification.

A thorough understanding of the Cisco certification tracks is vital if you want to simply obtain a credential & become a Cisco certified professional. The Cisco preparation & certification program gives network designers & engineers with a hard foundation on which they will alter how people work together and converse in the future.

Among the broad array world-recognized technical certifications subjects by Cisco Systems, Incorporated is the professional & specialist level of security certification.

In recent times, Cisco & Citrix worked on raising their longstanding relationship, and partners who work with these merchants stated that developments are now opening doors in the data center. Citrix is merger its NetScaler application delivery controller with a number of Cisco network & protection technologies, through a new joint venture which was announced last month.

The sales side at Cisco is brandishing its Citrix NetScaler, trying to convince clients that its Application Control Engine (ACE) load-balancer products ‘which are no longer being made’ are better technologies.

The president of Entisys, Mike Stohl, a agreement, California-based virtualization solution giver, say no to consider that the endorsement of NetScaler by Cisco will create a important positive impact on sales. He adds, however, that key developments will be made for Citrix in conditions of consumer awareness & long-term market impact; this in turn will improve its networking shape.

The president & CEO of Nashville, Tennessee-based LPS Integration, David Linzy, states that the enriched bond between the two salespersons will make simpler the finish of data center communications deals. The solution giver’s Linzy said: “In the past, Cisco was happy to work with Citrix partners as long as you were not out there touting Citrix’s networking goods. Now that Cisco has made a decision to work with Citrix around that core networking piece that changes the landscape.

Telmex has been said the extension & strengthening of its Managed Unified Communications Service Platform (Plataforma de Servicios de Comunicaciones Unificadas Administradas). Improvements contain new services that put together different communication platforms with cloud applications, primarily utilizing the stage of Telmex’s technology partner, Cisco.

As a part of its new suggest, Telmex is creation available communication platforms to its clients based on mobility, online collaboration, better use of video services & new models in the applications’ use & expenditure. This development permits clients to incorporate fresh services into their present communication platforms, facilitating collaboration & simplifying the management of business procedure, which will also permit them to raise the operating effectiveness, enhance productivity & decrease costs.

Telmex, with its Telmex IT Platform, is a head in managed unified communications services in Mexico, & with the teamwork of its partners, like Cisco, it has a vital portfolio of services that support business procedure & operations in ventures & government agencies.

Enlarging the user’s knowledge is to mobile devices. The Cisco Jabber software solution enlarges the capacities of Cisco Unified Communications to iOS, Android, BlackBerry. Ability includes chat (IM), attendance, voice, messaging, video, desk & meeting sharing. Cisco WebEx®, a Web collaboration application, now enlarges the enriched multimedia skill to different mobile platforms. In addition, it now adds high-definition video to give a superior experience to the client.